and then God started using me...

I committed my whole life to God, that means I asked Him to lead me in any kind of way. I knew I had to be ready for change, but I didn't know God was going to turn my whole life upside down..for my best!

I stopped studying since I realized it is not what I really want. I started working out daily since I wasn't really happy with my body. I started weight lifting and fell in love with this kind of sport. I fell so much for it that I wanted to become a fitness athlete. I started and am still doing bodybuilding. I want to be the best me I possibly could.

I conquered my mind, my inner demons and fell in love with my daily personal fight, which turned out to become my passion. I still work out daily, twice a day. Made a huge transformation and am still in progress. I love every single bit about fitness and eating clean, because it made me stronger. It helped me to get to know myself and my body and made me appreciate what it means to EARN something. Bodybuilding is hard work; you can't cheat on it.

By doing this, I realized that I want to work in the sports industry. I started working as a fitness trainer and am going to become a Drill-Instructor by end of this year. So you see what God changed in my life and everything for the better. I received a lot of negative statements about my life change, because most people live a life satisfying society and not themselves. But I realized that I want a life that satisfies the Lord and me. I had to walk by faith by doing this, but I learned that walking by faith is the best thing I could do.

I sometimes catch myself worrying about stupid stuff, but then I remember who is leading me and I am at my inner peace again. I love the idea of becoming the best version of myself and knowing that I will get the best out of my life, if I live up to His expectations, not mine.

So just like this, I thought Mr. Right would drop off at any day. I grew weary, cause I felt incredibly lonely. I wanted affection and love so badly, that I became really impatient. I was wondering where he could be. When is God going to send Him? I didn't know that there was a whole lot of work in front of me...

to be continued... Until then: Stay blessed. xoxo, Jaky

5.4.16 18:29

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