Hi, my name is Jacqueline Zich, but everyone calls me Jaky. I am 23 years old and live in North Germany. I studied English and Spanish and also speak French and Hindi. I work as a fitness trainer and run a fitness company. I am on my way to become the woman God has called me to be. I commit my life to God. I want to build real love inside me to be the right woman for the man God has for me. I plan on living a life filled by Christ and surround everything by this purpose.

I am a confident woman, I love being me and everything that comes with me. I am a fun and playful nature and love to make other people laugh. I see it as my purpose to help other people. Is it to cheer their day up, to help with relationship problems or weight problems or help them live their dreams. I try to awaken the fighter in everyone and help them reach out for their best.

With this blog I don't try to impress anyone or want to show the world what kind of an amazing woman I am. I simply want to share my story and let you see that PRAYERS ACTUALLY WORK!! Throughout my story you will realize how much God has worked on me and helped every time I started praying about it.

The Lord is everywhere and He hears you at any time you call out to Him. It is true that we sometimes lose hope, when nothing changes the way WE expect it, but that is exactly the point. We stick to our imagination and expectation way too often and forget that only He really knows what's best for each of us. Let Him use you, form you and guide you. Commit your whole life to God and be patient. He will test your faith often, just hold on and know that He is the Greatest and will always provide.

Alter: 25
aus: 24114 Kiel
Universität: Christian-Albrechts-Universiäöt in Kiel

Ich mag diese...

Bücher: the alchemist
Autoren: Paulo Coelho
Sportarten: bodybuilding
Sportler: Michelle Lewin
Paige Hathaway
Hobbies: fitness
reading books
learning languages

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